Easy ways to make Money  with Whiteboard animation videos


In this article, I am going to be showing you a step by step process on how you can make a hundred dollar and above by just editing simple whiteboard animation videos. Read till the end it will thrill you how easy and rewarding this could be 


Internet marketing or digital marketing has become a key role in modern business. Brands ow showcase their products and services via the internet and this has proven to bring significantly greater success to the businesses that do this effectively.  Video marketing which tops the list of the internet marketing methods has been around since the classic times of using classic televisions for video adverts. In this article our focus is how we can make these videos and whiteboard animation is what we will talk about.


what are whiteboard animation videos

these are simply videos that have animated cartoon characters usually on whiteboard background. they are usually followed by some text and audio in the background explaining what is being portrayed. t


Why are Whiteboard Animation videos are so popular and effective.?


  1. Whiteboard video animation videos are very interesting to watch and can engage any kind of audience being from kids to adults. .Generally whiteboard animation videos are known to have more retention time on platforms like youtube and Facebook as well.
  2. Whiteboard animation videos are very explicit and concise making the aim of the video very clear and understandable very clear. We could easily use text and the animated character could be displaying the actual expression
  3. Relatively easier and doesn’t require too many skills and effort. With whiteboard animation videos, some software or tools make everything so easily that it might just take you an hour or so to master everything and get it up and running
  4. Can be used on any platform such as Facebook, youtube or television 


Well there are som many pros to whiteboard video animations that we will not have to list here today




Well, this method I am about to share here is very beginner-friendly. So it doesn’t require any skills in graphic designing or video editing but if you have such skills it is a plus. So getting started of course you will need a good PC with at least an updated video driver and software.

How Much Does  Video Anmation Cost

The cost price for a minute of a an explainer video animation varies from company to company and quality rendered as well. A minute of explainer animated whiteboard video animation can go from

$50/minute – $1500/ minute. Now you know what you can expect if you get this skill and provide this kind of service you could make so much from very little effort.




This is the first recommendation considering the price  and time required to learn and available resources it is totally beginner-friendly and they have a one time fee of $67


This is a cartoon animation software that is super easy as you have tons of interactive cartoon characters and this is my recommendation for beginners who want to dive into sales videos and adverts. no skills required. lots of characters and price at


Just like doodly explandio is very beginner-friendly and has even a wider resource library and more tools you can use with a one-time payment  at the same price of $67




Adobe is already an established name in the field of online products. One of their products is the AdobeAnimateCC that offers new-age animation techniques to users. This software helps you design interactive vector and bitmap-based animated games, web, and apps. Bring your animations and banners to life, or insert actions to tutorials and infographics using this software.

It also allows you to publish to several different platforms quickly and be available to the audience on mobile, platform, and desktop. You can use the dynamic demonstrations and animation tools to create interactive content for web. Not just that, you can also create lifelike sketches with pressure-and-tilt sensitive vector brushes that work like the real brushes.

Price: starts at $19.99


Pew toon

Well, this is just a few software you can use to get things done. 

So how do you

make money using the software and skill you have acquired?

There are many simple ways which you can do that. Some companies charge as much as  $1500 per minute of animated video. We are not here for that we could go with a $100 at the start you can watch the video below to how to showcase your services. well I will outline them

  • Branding your skillThus is one of the most effective ways to go about it. It takes more time and effort as you need some social proof of your skills. Ones you get this you will be able to charge higher and have more clients
  • Direct contact    You could still showcase your products by reaching out to potential clients through their email or phone number found on their website telling them what you can do to promote their business. Give them a convincing deal and watch them even higher you multiple times when they start seeing results and eventually you could charge higher
  • Join a freelancing platform. There are freelancing platforms online which are free to join. Sometimes these take a little while to get your feet on the ground but ones that are done then you are good to go. There are tons of people on Fiverr who get hired daily to nake a simple 35-second video for $60-$100 so why can’t you too?
  • Start video marketing for yourself.  You could start up a youtube channel and explain a concept you understand so well and eventually join the millions of people who earn monthly from youtube. As mention earlier on in the advantages of whiteboard animation videos they are very suitable to engage and retain viewers if rightly done and can as well be used for entertainment not only business so you can always give it a shot .



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