How to make money with paid surveys


Your friends told you how they managed to earn money online simply by registering on the online pages and answering questions from paid surveys. Yes, it is possible, your friends didn’t tease you. In fact, there are several Web portals that allow you to register and answer questions about various topics, you will earn some money.

But be careful, this does not mean that answering surveys via the internet can make you acquire large amounts. It is possible to earn online with surveys, but we talk about small amounts of money that can be useful to complement your salary. In addition, to win with online surveys you will have to devote enough hours of your time because they will often give you a long list of questions to answer.

As it is said, it catches your attention and you would love to know more about it? Ok, I can help you. All you need to do is take a few minutes of your free time to pay attention to this guide. I will tell you in detail which Internet pages you should use to win through surveys. I will explain how to use some of the most popular services to answer questionnaires on various topics. Are you ready to start? Yes? Then let’s move on.


Among the best-known Web pages that offer you to win with surveys, is the Toluna Web. It is a portal where you can answer surveys, by participating in market research. They give you the opportunity to say what you think about products and services.

To win online with surveys on the Toluna Spain website, the first step to take is to observe on the home page of the site and begin the process to register. To register on the Web you must click on the start button that you will see when entering the site. They will ask you nine questions for enrollment. First they will ask for your name and that you mark a box saying that you accept, then your last name, date of birth, if you are male or female, your email, in which country you live, what is your zip code (if you have one), you It is worth asking that you create a password, your mobile number if you want to receive text invitations and check the box to accept the terms, conditions, and rules of the service offered by the Web. Once you have completed all the sections that are presented to you, press the Send button.

At the end of the registration, you will have to confirm your registration with the service. To do so, go to open your email address that you indicated when registering. If you have done all the steps properly you will receive an email from Toluna that you must confirm by clicking on a button to confirm that you agree to sign up for the service and participate to win with surveys. By not confirming it, you could not participate in the surveys.

In this part of the process a new web page will be opened that will confirm that you have received your confirmation. To start using the site, press the Start button and then click on the Accept button in the middle of the screen. Now go to the My profile section and you will see a form that will allow you to answer the questions from the initial surveys that are related to your user profile.

After you have finished completing your profile through the welcome surveys, what you should do is wait for new surveys to be presented in the My Surveys section.

As with the website that informs you first, completing the surveys designated by Toluna allows you to collect virtual credits. The longer the survey, you will be awarded more points. But, you should keep in mind that virtual credits can only be changed when you accumulate a minimum of points. The amount of points will depend on the country where you reside. Read this tutorial to know more according to your country.

The virtual credits you get through surveys in Toulna can be converted into cash credits through Paypal or you can also convert them into gift cards that you can use for various services and / or online stores.


This is specifically a Web portal where you can register for free and allows you to earn money by answering questionnaires about products and services that will be sent to you by email.

If you want to earn money through surveys using the iSurveyWorld Web, sign up for the link that indicates your country: Spain , Mexico and the United States . On the homepage of the site, start completing the form to the right of the Web, where it says Enter and Get $ 5 now! They pay you $ 5 just for signing up.

At this point, you must fill in the fields on the screen form, enter your email address, create and confirm a password, enter your name, surname, country, state, zip code, address, telephone, language, date of birth and gender. Press the captcha code by placing the checkmark that is going to appear, mark the squares to say that you are up to date with the site conditions. Then press the Join for Free button.

At this point, the registration process ends and you will find an iSurveyWorld message at the corresponding email address you provided during registration. Open it and click on the link to confirm your email and validate your registration with the service.

On the web page that will open, you will have access to your user panel and you can start answering the welcome survey by clicking on the Participate in this survey button that you will find in the Available Surveys box.

The welcome survey is an initial survey in which you will be asked to give more personal information, such as your level of study, your marital status and the number of people belonging to your family. This is a super short survey that will allow you to get your first $ 5 dollars just for signing up.

iSurveyWorld, pays you in cash and you can withdraw it to your PayPal account after reaching the minimum withdrawal requirement that is $ 25 dollars.


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