Earnings with CPA advertising or cost per share


Cost per share or CPA, also known as pay per share or PPA is a form of affiliate marketing. The affiliate (publisher) pays the commission to the merchant (advertiser) for each specific action.

Outside of the activities involved in making a purchase, the action could include (but is not limited to this only) impressions, clicks, complete online forms, for example, contact request, newsletter, logo registration, etc.) or double opt-in.

This type of marketing is for people who are experts in Internet marketing who have already been quite successful as affiliate marketers. Learning CPA marketing requires that you register with companies or networks that promote CPA marketing such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, and others.

Each network has its own terms and conditions, so be sure to read these carefully to know all their guidelines, included in the payment structure. There are different types of cost-per-action announcements, which vary depending on the measures taken.

Types of cost-per-share advertising

Cost per lead is another way of cost per share, it is a method by which advertisers can reach potential customers. Usually, it is that the consumer subscribes for something by putting their contact information as or may include completing a form that requires the user to put additional information, for example, it could be demographic data.

For the cost per share calculation, you simply take the cost and divide it by the number of acquisitions. The number of acquisitions is calculated by multiplying the number of impressions by the CTR (Click Through Rate) in percentage and by the CR (Conversion Rate).

To measure the effectiveness of a cost-per-action advertising campaign, it must be compared with other similar types of campaigns. This is known as the effective cost per share (ECPA). CPA is commonly compared to the cost per click, per impression.

Cost per click means that the advertiser pays when someone clicks on the ad. You usually get better results with cost-per-action advertising than with cost-per-click, since with CPA you only pay when a person is interested enough in what you are selling and fill out a form or actually buy. This shows a more real interest than just clicking.

Cost per impression or cost per thousand means that you pay per 1000 impressions. An impression is made at any time when a banner or other type of advertisement is displayed to a user on the screen of his computer. Cost Per Thousand deals with how many times an ad appears, but viewers cannot even see the ad. Cost per click is a better option than the PRC, because at least it is known that the person is interested enough in the product or service and clicks for more information. Better yet is the cost per action, when the person is very interested makes a purchase or asks for more information.

Very convenient advertising method for advertisers

Advertisers consider the CPA the best way to buy advertising online, since you only pay for the ad when the desired action has taken place. The desired action to be performed is determined by the advertiser. This can also be a great way to generate leads because a visitor who is willing to sign for information can become a future customer.


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